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Next-Gen iPhone 15 Pro: new Leaks – upgraded Performance

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Apple New Iphone Features Leaked and release date

Apple’s upcoming event will introduce the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which will feature significant performance enhancements. The upcoming iPhone 15 will have a more efficient A17 chip. We will manufacture the chip using a 3nm process. This will improve multitasking and save energy.

Six CPU and GPU cores improve graphics, possibly enabling advanced gaming features such as ray tracing. With performance cores reaching 3.70GHz, as opposed to the current 3.46GHz, notable speed improvements are on the horizon. RAM may increase to 6GB or 8GB, following Apple’s trend of upgrading with new features. People eagerly await the event for more information.

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Apple’s iphone 15 pro big event is coming soon on September 12. They will reveal the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Leaks have been circulating, revealing exciting potential improvements in performance for these models. Unknownz21 leaked info on the processor, RAM, CPU, and GPU of the new Pro devices, revealing expected improvements.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will use a new 3nm manufacturing process for their A17 chip. The lower the number preceding “nm” (nanometer), the higher the component density on the processor. In contrast, the A16 chip utilized in the non-Pro models employs a 4nm fabrication process. Moving to 3nm will bring advantages like multitasking, faster speeds, and lower energy consumption.

The leaked information indicates that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will feature six cores in both its CPU and GPU. This is a departure from the previous iPhone 14 Pro Max, which did not have the same configuration.

This is a higher number compared to the A16’s configuration, which consists of six CPU cores and five GPU cores. This extra core will greatly improve performance, especially in graphics processing, possibly allowing advanced features like ray-tracing for gaming. Here is a Tweet


The leaker revealed information about the A17 chip’s performance cores, which experts anticipate to operate at a speed of 3.70GHz. This represents an improvement over the current iPhone 14 Pro’s performance of 3.46GHz. Furthermore, speculation is rife about the RAM configuration accompanying the A17 chip, with suggestions of either 6GB or 8GB.

What adds intrigue to these revelations is Apple’s consistent strategy of optimizing its device components to their fullest potential. If these leaked enhancements implemented, it implies that Apple has innovative functionalities planned that will leverage the improved performance. The upcoming event, less than a month away, will unveil everything.

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