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Best pc under 30000

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Discover the ultimate value in gaming and productivity with our curated selection of the best PC under 30,000. Unleash performance without breaking the bank. Explore now!”


In the world of gaming, having the right PC setup can make all the difference between victory and defeat. But what if you’re on a budget? Fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the process of building the ultimate gaming PC for under 30,000 rupees. From powerful processors to lightning-fast SSDs, we’ll cover all the essentials to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. So, let’s dive in and unleash the gaming beast within!

Section 1: The Heart of the Beast – Choosing the Processor

The processor is the brain of your gaming PC, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. For a budget-friendly build under 30,000 rupees, options like the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 4GHz 6MB Cache Socket AM4 are excellent choices. These CPUs offer a perfect balance of performance and affordability, ensuring smooth gameplay without breaking the bank.

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

Section 2: Powering Up – Selecting the Graphics Card

When it comes to gaming, the graphics card is king. While high-end GPUs may be out of reach on a tight budget, options like the AMD RX 590 8GB AMD Radeon 256Bit 2048SP GDDR5 GPU RX580 8G Graphics Card Video Card Gaming 2048SP GDDR5 256Bit PCI Express 3.0 ×16 Radeon GPU Computer Mining, pci_e_x16 offer solid performance at an affordable price. With these GPUs, you can enjoy crisp visuals and smooth framerates in your favorite games without breaking the bank.

AMD RX 590 8GB AMD Radeon 256Bit 2048SP GDDR5 GPU RX580 8G Graphics Card

Section 3: Memory Matters – RAM and Storage Solutions

RAM and storage are essential components of any gaming PC build. For under 30,000 rupees, aim for at least Crucial RAM 8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 (or 2933MHz or 2666MHz) Desktop Memory CT8G4DFRA32A to ensure smooth multitasking and gameplay. Additionally, consider investing in a speedy Western Digital WD Blue SN570 NVMe 250GB, Upto 3300MB/s, with Free 1 Month Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, 5 Y Warranty, PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280), Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (WDS250G3B0C)for storing games and other media. This combination will provide fast boot times and ample storage space without exceeding your budget.

Crucial RAM 8GB DDR4

crucial sad 500gb

Section 4: The Motherboard and Beyond – Completing the Build

To tie everything together, you’ll need a reliable motherboard and power supply. Look for a budget-friendly motherboard with support for your chosen CPU and GPU, such as MSI B450M-A PRO MAX II Motherboard, Micro-ATX, AM4 DDR4 USB 3.2 Gen 1 HDMI. Pair it with a quality power supply from reputable brands like Corsair or EVGA to ensure stable performance and longevity for your gaming rig.


Section 4: Cabinet Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Agon Mid-Tower Cabine

ZEBRONICS Agon Mid-Tower Premium Gaming Cabinet – Black, ATX/M-ATX/M-ITX, 1 x 120 mm RGB Inner Glow Rear Fan, LED Strip with Control Switch, Tempered Glass Side Panel, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 (Black)


The prices provided are based on the date of April 16, 2024. Please verify the updated prices using the provided links above.

PROCESSOR AMD Ryzen 3 3200G5,990

Here are some useful tips for building a gaming PC under ₹30,000:

  1. Prioritize Performance-Per-Dollar: With a limited budget, focus on components that offer the best performance for the price. Research benchmarks and reviews to ensure you’re getting the most value out of each component.
  2. Consider Future Upgradability: Choose a motherboard and power supply unit (PSU) that allow for future upgrades. This includes selecting a motherboard with additional RAM slots, PCIe slots, and SATA ports for future expansion, and opting for a PSU with sufficient wattage to support future upgrades.
  3. Opt for Integrated Graphics or Entry-Level GPU: Given budget constraints, you may need to start with integrated graphics on the CPU (such as AMD Ryzen APUs) or an entry-level GPU. These options can provide decent gaming performance at 1080p resolution for less demanding titles.
  4. Focus on CPU Performance: Invest in a capable CPU that strikes a balance between performance and price. Look for processors with multiple cores and threads, which can handle both gaming and multitasking effectively.
  5. Allocate Budget Wisely: Distribute your budget based on the components that have the most significant impact on gaming performance. This typically includes the CPU, GPU (if purchasing separately), RAM, and storage.
  6. Don’t Overspend on Aesthetics: While it’s tempting to opt for flashy RGB lighting and premium-looking cases, prioritize performance over aesthetics. Choose a functional case with good airflow and cable management options to keep your components cool and organized.
  7. Compare Prices and Look for Deals: Take the time to compare prices from different retailers and online stores. Look out for discounts, bundle deals, and special promotions to stretch your budget further.
  8. Future-Proof Where Possible: Select components that will remain relevant for at least a few years. While it’s challenging to future-proof completely on a tight budget, investing in components like a reliable PSU, a motherboard with room for expansion, and a decent amount of RAM can help prolong the lifespan of your build.
  9. Consider Used or Refurbished Parts: Explore the option of buying used or refurbished components to save money without sacrificing quality. Just make sure to purchase from reputable sellers and verify the condition of the parts beforehand.
  10. Research and Plan Thoroughly: Before making any purchases, thoroughly research each component and plan your build accordingly. Use online resources, forums, and build guides to ensure compatibility and avoid potential pitfalls.

By following these tips, you can build a capable gaming PC under ₹30,000 that delivers an enjoyable gaming experience without breaking the bank.



Building the ultimate gaming PC under 30,000 rupees is entirely achievable with the right components and a bit of know-how. By choosing the right processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, motherboard, and power supply, you can create a gaming beast that delivers excellent performance without breaking the bank. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your components, and get ready to unleash the gaming beast within!

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