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Apple to Launch IOS 17 NExt month September 2023

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iOS 17 stands as the latest iteration of the iOS operating system, optimized for seamless performance on iPhones. Unveiled in June, iOS 17 is currently in the beta testing phase and is scheduled for a September release, coinciding with the launch of the newest iPhone models. This update introduces a range of innovative features across Phone, FaceTime, and Messages, alongside subtle improvements spanning various other applications. Additionally, a novel journaling app is on the horizon, set to debut later in the year.

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Apple to Launch IOS 17 NExt month September 2023 4

Apple’s pronounced emphasis on communication is evident in the comprehensive overhaul of the Phone app. Notably, users now have the ability to create personalized Contact Posters, which are displayed to recipients during incoming calls. This customization extends from selecting photos or Memojis to choosing fonts, font colors, and more. Importantly, this feature extends beyond the Phone app, encompassing third-party applications as well.

New Voicemail

Enhancing the voicemail experience, the Live Voicemail feature provides real-time transcriptions of messages directly on the Lock Screen as the speaker communicates. This empowers users to make quick decisions about answering calls based on the ongoing transcription. Furthermore, incoming calls flagged as spam by carriers are instantly rejected, bypassing the Live Voicemail display.

Apple Namedrop

A noteworthy addition is NameDrop, a feature within AirDrop that streamlines contact information sharing by leveraging the proximity of two iPhones. This functionality is also compatible with Apple Watch devices. This merging of iPhones not only facilitates contact sharing but also triggers SharePlay, enabling collaborative activities such as music playback, movie watching, gaming, and content transfer. Importantly, an upcoming enhancement will enable the initiation of large file transfers between nearby phones, with the transfer completed through iCloud.


In the realm of FaceTime, iOS 17 introduces support for both audio and video messages. When incoming calls go unanswered, callers can leave either a video recording or an audio message. Moreover, FaceTime brings forth an array of Reactions, including hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, and rain, all activated through gestures. Notably, these dynamic effects extend compatibility to third-party applications, enhancing their creative potential.

An intriguing addition involves iPhones and iPads linking with Apple TV 4K to facilitate FaceTime sessions on television screens. Utilizing the Continuity Camera feature, an iOS device acts as the camera for FaceTime calls, with video displayed on the larger TV display. This feature supports Center Stage framing and all FaceTime features, including Handoff for seamless call transitions between iOS devices and the TV.


The Messages app sees a refined interface, with apps, photos, and the camera accessed through a “+” button next to the compose bar. Tapping this button provides swift access to the Camera, Photos, Apple Cash, Audio Messages, Messages apps, and an updated Stickers experience.

Emojis in Messages App

Of note, all emoji characters now function as stickers, residing within the Stickers section of the Messages app. These emoji stickers can be used traditionally or placed over images and messages like regular stickers. Users can even create personalized stickers from photos, utilizing the “Remove Subject from Background” feature introduced in iOS 16. Live Photos can be transformed into animated stickers for sharing within the Messages app. These stickers can incorporate special effects like a hand-drawn appearance, glitter, alternate colors, and are usable across iOS, akin to emoji usage.

New Search Capabilities in Messages

Search capabilities within Messages are enhanced with search filters for precise content retrieval. Users can start with a broad search and then refine results by adding more specific search terms. Additionally, a catch-up arrow indicates where unread messages commence within group chats or lengthy conversations. Inline replies are facilitated by swiping on a text bubble, and audio messages are automatically transcribed for instant comprehension. Furthermore, the Messages app offers automatic deletion of one-time verification codes.

Simplified Location Sharing

Simplified location sharing within Messages provides real-time updates on shared locations within conversations. This feature complements the “Check In” safety feature, notifying contacts upon safe arrival at destinations during travel. In cases of stalled progress, contacts can access the iPhone’s location, battery level, and cellular status to gauge whether assistance is required. Privacy is heightened through the ability to block unsolicited nude photos.

New Enhancements

Enhancements extend to autocorrect functionality across iOS, powered by an advanced machine learning model capable of more accurately predicting user intent. This model offers to autofill complete sentences with inline predictions as text is typed, simplifying the process of finishing words or sentences. Error correction is streamlined, accomplished with a simple tap. Additionally, a new speech recognition model enhances dictation accuracy.

An intriguing feature allows users to place their idle iPhones horizontally on a charger to activate StandBy mode. This mode presents a full-screen display offering at-a-glance information. StandBy mode is most effective when coupled with an always-on display but can also be triggered with a tap. It’s akin to Nightstand mode on Apple Watch, offering diverse clock styles, photos, calendar data, weather information, Live Activities view, and customizable widgets through the Smart Stack feature.

Widgets App

Widgets on the Home Screen gain interactivity, enabling tasks such as music control, light activation, and reminder management. Spotlight Search also becomes more interactive, enabling settings adjustments without necessitating app opening.

Health App

The Health app introduces a mood tracking feature, enabling the logging of daily emotions to track mental states over time. This feature suggests mood options along with corresponding triggers, facilitating valuable self-awareness. The Health app also incorporates depression and anxiety assessments used in clinical settings to aid users in self-assessment.

Leveraging the TrueDepth camera, the Health app features a Screen Distance measuring tool in Screen Time. It helps users gauge their screen distance, particularly useful for kids and adults alike, alerting if the device is held too close to the face.

iOS 17 brings forth the Journal app, slated for future launch, designed for recording daily thoughts and activities. Utilizing on-device machine learning, the app suggests writing topics based on the day’s activities, such as travel, workouts, photography, and more. While third-party apps can offer journaling suggestions, all content remains protected and even passcode locked.

New Privacy Features in iOS 17

Safari enhances privacy by locking private browsing with Face ID, also obstructing trackers from monitoring device activity across websites. A Profiles option segregates work and personal browsing histories, extensions, Tab Groups, favorites, and cookies.

The Photos app gains the ability to recognize pets, while Visual Look Up now functions during paused video. It can now identify food and provide recipes, alongside its capacity to recognize storefronts, signs, and videos.

Family Sharing Pass word App

A Family Sharing feature in the Passwords app allows the sharing of passwords and passkeys among group members. These shared passwords are securely stored via iCloud Keychain, catering to situations where multiple individuals require access, such as for streaming services. Apple Music introduces Collaborative Playlists, facilitating shared music experiences among friends. Additionally, SharePlay in car environments enables passengers to contribute songs to CarPlay playback, even without an Apple Music subscription. Crossfade functionality ensures seamless transitions between songs.

New Maps app

The Maps app introduces the ability to download offline maps for selected regions, ensuring access to turn-by-turn navigation, estimated arrival times, and nearby locations even without a network signal. Maps further enhances its offering with additional trail information for parks across the United States, as well as real-time electric vehicle charging availability data.

AirTags Sharing

Sharing AirTags becomes possible, enabling friends and family living together to jointly track items using AirTags within the Find My app. This feature grants everyone access to the item’s location, sound playback, Precision Finding, and compatibility with Find My network accessories.

Airplay Sharing

AirPlay becomes more intelligent by learning device sharing preferences. Additionally, select hotels will support AirPlay on TVs for improved content access during travel. Signing into an iPhone with an Apple ID is streamlined through nearby devices or associated email addresses and phone numbers.


AirPods receive enhancements, including Adaptive Audio for AirPods Pro 2, combining Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency mode. This amalgamation promotes situational awareness while reducing unwanted noise. Conversation Awareness moderates music volume during conversations for improved audibility. Personalized Volume tailors sound to user preferences. Automatic Switching between devices is expedited and more dependable, and sound muting and unmuting can be executed by holding the AirPods stem.

All new Home App

The Home app now furnishes activity history for up to 30 days for door locks, garage doors, contact sensors, and alarm systems. PIN codes and tap-to-unlock functionality are extended to Matter-based smart locks.

Reminders App

The Reminders app introduces an integrated grocery list feature, categorizing added items for greater organization. In Notes, interlinking between notes is now supported, enabling the creation of relationships among related notes. Furthermore, deeper PDF support in the Notes app facilitates viewing and markup of PDFs and scans.

Notably, the activation phrase “Hey Siri” is replaced by a simpler “Siri,” eliminating the need for the “Hey.” Additionally, Siri remains responsive to multiple consecutive commands without necessitating reactivation.

Mail App

The Mail app introduces automatic verification code filling, akin to the Messages app. Apple News subscribers gain access to daily crossword puzzles and Apple News+ Audio Stories in the Podcasts app.

Fitness App

In the Fitness app, highlights of friends’ workout activities are visible, and Apple Fitness+ Custom Plans empower users to establish personalized workout and meditation schedules. The Freeform feature within drawing tools introduces additions like a watercolor brush, highlighter, and ruler.



For users at risk of losing their ability to speak, the Personal Voice feature creates a voice resembling their own. Live Speech accessibility functionality enunciates typed words in person, over the phone, or through FaceTime. Point and Speak assists those with low vision or blindness by reading text on physical objects.

In conclusion, iOS 17 presents a robust array of enhancements across numerous facets of the operating system, fostering elevated communication, privacy, convenience, and accessibility experiences.

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