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Unlocking Growth: YES Bank’s Q4 Business Update Reveals Deposits Surge by 22.5% and Advances Rise by 14.1%

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A Logo of the Yes Bank is seen on the head office building in Mumbai, India on 03 September 2019. (Photo by Himanshu Bhatt/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Q4 business update from YES Bank, highlighting a remarkable 22.5% surge in deposits and a 14.1% rise in advances. Explore insights into the bank’s performance and market response.”


In the dynamic world of finance, updates from banking institutions often offer insights into the broader economic landscape. YES Bank, one of India’s prominent private lenders, recently shared its business performance for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. The announcement showcased remarkable growth figures, sparking investor interest and driving a surge in the Bank’s shares. Let’s delve into the details of YES Bank’s Q4 update and understand what these numbers signify for the institution and the market at large.

Solid Growth Metrics: Deposits and Advances

YES Bank reported impressive growth across key metrics, particularly in deposits and advances. According to the Bank’s filing with stock exchanges, deposits surged by a significant 22.5 per cent, while loans and advances witnessed a commendable 14.1 per cent rise during the March quarter.

At the close of the quarter, YES Bank’s loan and advances portfolio stood at a robust Rs 2,28,465 crore, marking a 14.1 per cent increase compared to the same period last year. This growth trajectory continued sequentially, with a 5 per cent increase over the previous quarter.

Simultaneously, the Bank’s deposits soared to Rs 2,66,364 crore by the end of the quarter, showcasing a remarkable 22.5 per cent year-on-year growth. On a sequential basis, deposits exhibited a commendable 10.1 per cent increase over the preceding quarter.

Market Response: Share Price Surge

The market responded positively to YES Bank’s stellar performance, as reflected in the uptick in its share price. Following the business update, the Bank’s stock experienced a notable rise of 2.72 per cent, reaching a high of Rs 25.29 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This surge underscores investors’ confidence in YES Bank’s growth trajectory and operational efficiency.

Key Insights: CASA Ratio and Strategic Outlook

A crucial indicator of a bank’s financial health is its Current Account Savings Account (CASA) ratio. YES Bank’s Q4 update revealed a robust CASA figure of Rs 82,315 crore, marking a substantial 23 per cent increase year-on-year. The CASA ratio stood at 30.9 per cent, reflecting a marginal improvement over the previous year. Moreover, sequentially, the CASA ratio witnessed a positive trend, standing at 29.7 per cent.

The growth in CASA deposits is particularly noteworthy as it signifies the Bank’s ability to attract low-cost funds, which are essential for sustaining lending activities and expanding its asset base. YES Bank’s strategic focus on enhancing its CASA base indicates a prudent approach towards maintaining liquidity and managing costs effectively.

Implications for Investors and Stakeholders

For investors and stakeholders, YES Bank’s Q4 business update offers valuable insights into the Bank’s operational performance and growth prospects. The robust growth in deposits and advances, coupled with a favourable CASA ratio, augurs well for the Bank’s financial sustainability and long-term viability.

The positive market response to the business update underscores investor confidence in YES Bank’s ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities effectively. As the Bank continues its journey of resurgence post-restructuring, such encouraging performance metrics serve as a testament to its strengthened fundamentals and strategic initiatives.



YES Bank’s Q4 business update paints a promising picture of the Bank’s progress and resilience in the face of evolving market dynamics. The significant growth in deposits and advances, coupled with a favourable CASA ratio, reflects the Bank’s commitment to fortifying its financial position and driving sustainable growth.

As YES Bank charts its path forward, investors and stakeholders can take cues from these robust performance metrics to make informed decisions. With a strategic focus on enhancing operational efficiency and bolstering its core business segments, YES Bank remains poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver long-term value to its stakeholders.

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