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Rahul Gandhi’s Investment Portfolio! Discover 5 Mutual Funds & 10 Stocks That Will Amaze You!

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Rahul Gandhi
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – SEPTEMBER 8: Indian Parliament member Rahul Gandhi attends a conference at the Brussels Press Club on September 8, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Gandhi is on a week-long visit to Europe where he is to meet with European Union (EU) parliamentarians and ministers, as well as with university students and Indian diasporas. (Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)
Unveil the fascinating investment portfolio of Rahul Gandhi, Congress Member of Parliament, as he gears up for re-election in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Discover his diversified holdings in 5 mutual funds and 10 stocks, offering insights into his financial acumen amidst the political landscape of Wayanad, Kerala.


With the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 looming ahead, the attention has shifted not only to political strategies but also to the financial portfolios of key figures. Rahul Gandhi, the renowned Congress Member of Parliament vying for re-election from Wayanad, Kerala, has disclosed intriguing insights into his investment choices. With a substantial ₹4.3 crore invested in stocks and ₹3.81 crore in mutual funds, Gandhi’s financial assets have stirred significant interest.


Rahul Gandhi, a prominent political figure in India, has revealed some of his financial assets in an affidavit submitted to the Election Commission of India. According to this declaration, Gandhi’s investments total ₹4.3 crore in various stocks and ₹3.81 crore in mutual funds. Additionally, his savings in two bank accounts amount to ₹26.25 lakh.

Gandhi’s Investment Portfolio:

Gandhi’s financial disclosures provide a rare glimpse into his investment strategy amidst the impending elections. Notable companies in which he has invested include Pidilite Industries Ltd, Bajaj Finance Ltd, Nestle India Ltd, Asian Paints Ltd, and Titan Company Ltd. These investments, ranging from shares worth ₹42.27 lakh to ₹16.43 lakh, showcase a diversified approach to wealth management.

Strategic Mutual Fund Allocations:

Furthermore, Gandhi’s mutual fund portfolio demonstrates a strategic investment mindset. With allocations to HDFC, ICICI Prudential, PPFAS, and others, Gandhi’s investment decisions appear calculated and prudent. Noteworthy among these are HDFC small cap Reg-G and ICICI Prudential Reg Savings-G, each with market values exceeding ₹1 crore.

The Political Landscape Amidst Financial Disclosures:

As the electoral battle intensifies in Wayanad, Gandhi faces formidable opponents from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF). With contenders like K Surendran and Annie Raja challenging his stronghold, Gandhi’s financial disclosures add an intriguing dimension to the electoral discourse.

stock market shares that Rahul Gandhi has investments in:

  • Pidilite Industries Ltd: 1474 shares worth ₹42.27 Lakh
  • Bajaj Finance Ltd: 551 shares worth ₹35.89 Lakh
  • Nestle India Ltd: 1370 shares worth ₹35.67 Lakh
  • Asian Paints Ltd: 1231 shares worth ₹35.29 Lakh
  • Titan Company Ltd: 897 shares worth ₹32.59 Lakh
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd: 1161 shares worth ₹27.02 Lakh
  • ICICI Bank Ltd: 2299 shares worth ₹24.83 Lakh
  • Divi’s Laboratories Ltd: 567 shares worth ₹19.7 Lakh
  • Suprajit Engineering Ltd: 4068 shares worth ₹16.65 Lakh
  • Garware Technical Fibres Ltd: 508 shares worth ₹16.43 Lakh

Percentage Composition:

Calculate and include the percentage composition of each stock in Rahul Gandhi’s investment portfolio. This will provide a clearer picture of the distribution of his investments across different companies.

Sector Analysis:

Categorize the stocks based on the sectors they belong to, such as consumer goods, finance, healthcare, etc. This analysis can highlight Rahul Gandhi’s diversification strategy or any sectoral preferences he might have.

Comparison with Market Indices:

Compare the performance of Rahul Gandhi’s portfolio with relevant market indices (such as NIFTY 50 or BSE Sensex) to assess whether his investments are outperforming or underperforming the broader market.

Historical Performance:

Include information on the historical performance of each stock, such as its price movements over the past few years, dividend payouts, and any significant events that might have affected its value.

Risk Analysis:

Assess the risk associated with each stock based on factors like volatility, debt levels, and market competition. This can help evaluate the overall risk profile of Rahul Gandhi’s investment portfolio.

Future Outlook:

Provide insights into each company’s prospects based on factors like industry trends, competitive positioning, and growth potential. This can help anticipate Rahul Gandhi’s investments’ potential returns and risks.

Investment Strategy:

Discuss Rahul Gandhi’s investment strategy, including whether he appears to be a long-term investor, a value investor, or if there are any indications of short-term trading activities.

Portfolio Management:

Evaluate the overall composition of Rahul Gandhi’s investment portfolio regarding asset allocation, diversification, and concentration risk. This analysis can recommend optimizing his portfolio based on his investment objectives and risk tolerance.



Amid the whirlwind of political campaigns and electoral fervor, Rahul Gandhi’s financial disclosures offer a fresh perspective on the convergence of politics and personal wealth. With investments spanning stocks and mutual funds, Gandhi’s financial acumen is scrutinized alongside his political endeavors. As voters gear up to cast their ballots, Gandhi’s investment revelations add an intriguing layer to the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Stay tuned as the electoral drama unfolds in Wayanad and beyond!

Disclaimer: The opinions and suggestions above belong to individual analysts, experts, and brokerage firms and do not necessarily reflect those of Insightmediahub. We strongly advise investors to consult certified financial experts before making investment decisions.

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