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Shocking Revelation: Corporate Giants Exposed in Electoral Bond Scandal russia

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Recent events in India have brought to light a significant revelation regarding electoral bonds, shedding light on a contentious aspect of political funding.

The 2024 Russian presidential election has garnered significant attention worldwide, particularly with the incumbent leader Vladimir Putin casting his vote electronically on the first day of the election.

Electoral Bonds Revealed:

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has disclosed the identities of companies and individuals involved in purchasing and selling electoral bonds. This disclosure follows the Supreme Court’s declaration of the electoral bond scheme as unconstitutional due to concerns about anonymous political funding.

Corporate Influence Exposed:

The unveiled data exposes major corporations and individuals as significant donors to political parties. Names like Grasim Industries, Megha Engineering, and Lakshmi Mittal feature prominently, raising questions about the influence of big business on Indian politics.

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) Implementation:

Simultaneously, the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) by the Modi-led Central government has stirred controversy. Critics argue that the CAA discriminates on religious grounds and violates the Indian Constitution.

Lok Sabha Elections on the Horizon:

With the Election Commission announcing an impending press conference to reveal the dates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, anticipation mounts as India braces for a crucial electoral showdown.

Global Perspective: Russia Elections:

In the international arena, Russia’s presidential elections took center stage, with Vladimir Putin exercising his vote electronically amidst media scrutiny.

Political Landscape

The political landscape in Russia is marked by a diverse array of candidates vying for the presidency. While Putin’s candidacy is widely expected, other contenders represent various political ideologies and platforms, adding intrigue to the electoral competition.

Voter Engagement

Putin’s early vote serves as a call to action for Russian citizens to actively participate in the electoral process. As voters cast their ballots, they play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of their country, making their voices heard through the democratic process.

Putin’s Early Participation

Vladimir Putin’s prompt participation in the election process underscores the significance of this event. His early vote sets the tone for what promises to be a closely watched and pivotal election for Russia.

Campaign Issues

The 2024 presidential campaign in Russia is shaped by various issues that resonate with voters. Economic concerns, including stagnant wages and rising living costs, are at the forefront of public discourse, as citizens demand policies that address their financial well-being. Additionally, issues related to healthcare, education, and social welfare are significant factors influencing voter sentiment.

Election Dynamics

The 2024 presidential election in Russia unfolds against a backdrop of evolving political dynamics. With Putin’s popularity enduring domestically and his assertive foreign policy shaping international relations, the outcome of this election holds implications far beyond Russia’s borders.

International Observers

International observers closely monitor Russian elections, assessing the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. Putin’s early participation adds another layer of scrutiny to the proceedings, with observers keen to gauge the level of public participation and the integrity of the voting process.



As India navigates through crucial electoral processes and contentious legislative decisions like the CAA, the political landscape brims with anticipation and scrutiny. Stay informed as developments unfold in the coming months. As Russia’s 2024 presidential election progresses, Putin’s early participation highlights the significance of this pivotal moment in the country’s political history. With international observers monitoring the process and a diverse field of candidates competing for the presidency, the outcome of the election will have far-reaching implications for Russia’s domestic governance and international relations. Stay informed as the election unfolds and the results are announced.


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