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NEET Exam Controversy: The Shocking Truth Behind Inflated Marks and Students’ Demand for Transparency

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Discover the latest updates on the NEET exam controversy. Allegations of inflated marks have led to widespread demands for transparency, a high-level investigation, and potential Supreme Court intervention. Explore the detailed account of the unfolding situation, student protests, and political reactions.


The NEET 2024 results have ignited a major controversy, with allegations of inflated marks leading to demands for greater transparency. The situation has raised significant concerns about the fairness and credibility of one of India’s most important medical entrance exams. Here are the top 11 updates on the issue, shedding light on various aspects of the controversy.

Allegations of Inflated Marks

Numerous NEET aspirants have accused the National Testing Agency (NTA) of inflating marks, resulting in an unprecedented 67 candidates achieving the top rank, including six from the same exam centre in Haryana. These allegations have cast doubt on the integrity of the examination process.

NTA’s Response

The NTA has denied these allegations, attributing the high scores to changes in the NCERT textbooks and the awarding of grace marks for time lost at certain examination centres. They maintain that the examination was conducted fairly and transparently.

NEET 2024 Results Announcement

On June 5, the NTA released the NEET 2024 results, revealing that 67 students shared the top rank. This unusual outcome has fueled suspicions among students and educational experts alike.

Role of NCERT Textbook Changes

A senior NTA official explained that discrepancies arose because some students used old NCERT textbooks, while the exam was based on the new editions. To address this, the NTA awarded five additional marks to all students who marked one of two options, potentially increasing scores to 718 or 719.

Legal Action and Calls for Investigation

Lawyer Anubha Shrivastava, president of the India Wide Parents Association, supports calls for an investigation. She highlighted the suspicious pattern of students with consecutive roll numbers achieving identical scores, questioning the validity of such results.

Exam Day Irregularities

On the exam day, incorrect question papers were distributed at a centre in Rajasthan, causing some candidates to walk out with the papers. Despite this, the NTA denied any question paper leaks, reiterating that all papers were accounted for.

Student Protests and Online Campaigns

Students have taken to social media to demand the cancellation of results and a re-examination. They are calling for a high-level investigation and Supreme Court intervention to ensure justice and fairness in the evaluation process.

Role of Grace Marks

To address complaints about lost time during the examination, the NTA implemented a normalisation formula approved by the Supreme Court in 2018. This included compensating candidates with grace marks for the lost time, which might have contributed to the unusually high scores.

High Court Involvement

The Delhi High Court’s vacation bench of Justice DK Sharma has requested the NTA to respond to a petition from a NEET-UG candidate concerning a question in the answer key that had two correct answers. The matter is scheduled for a hearing next week, and the petitioner argues that fairness demands equal evaluation for all candidates.

Political Reactions

The Congress party has raised concerns on social media, questioning the credibility of the NEET results. They pointed to the issue of six students from the same centre scoring 720 out of 720 marks and other alleged irregularities, demanding a thorough investigation.

Calls for Government Accountability

Prominent Congress leaders, including Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Mallikarjun Kharge, have demanded action against the alleged irregularities. They accused the government of neglecting the voices of students and failing to ensure the integrity of the examination process. They have called for a high-level investigation supervised by the Supreme Court to restore faith in the examination system.



The NEET 2024 controversy has brought to light serious concerns about the fairness and transparency of one of India’s most critical entrance exams. As students, parents, and political leaders demand a thorough investigation, the NTA and the government face significant pressure to address these issues and ensure a fair and just resolution. The outcome of this controversy could have lasting implications for the credibility of competitive exams in India.

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