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Marico Stock Rises 3% After Company Reports Gradual Uptick in Q4 Growth

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Marico Stock Rises 3% After Company Reports Gradual Uptick in Q4 Growth 4
Marico’s 3% stock surge following a Q4 growth report. Explore insights into strategic initiatives, segmental performance, and future outlook, highlighting Marico’s resilience in the FMCG sector.


Marico, a prominent player in the FMCG sector, has recently witnessed a surge in its stock value, climbing nearly 3% during intraday trading on Friday. This notable increase follows a modest uptick in volume growth reported for the fourth quarter. Let’s delve deeper into the factors contributing to this positive development and analyze Marico’s strategic outlook for the future.

Q4 Performance Overview

On April 5, Marico released a business outlook update for the fourth quarter, providing insights into its performance and market trends. According to the company’s exchange filing, the FMCG demand sentiment remained consistent throughout the quarter, with both urban and rural consumption exhibiting stability. The domestic business experienced a slight improvement in volume growth compared to the previous quarter, driven by steady trends across various portfolios.

Segmental Performance Highlights

  • Parachute Coconut Oil: Despite challenges, such as copra price fluctuations, Parachute Coconut Oil witnessed low single-digit volume growth. This growth was primarily attributed to the ongoing conversion from loose to branded products, aligning with the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Saffola Oils: Marico’s flagship brand, Saffola Oils, delivered mid-single-digit volume growth during the quarter. This growth was fueled by the subsiding of trade-led headwinds and stability in input and consumer pricing, indicating a positive response from consumers.

Consolidated Revenue Growth

Marico reported a modest increase in consolidated revenue for the quarter, marking a return to positive territory after three consecutive quarters. The gradual anniversary effect of pricing adjustments in crucial domestic segments primarily drove this growth. Looking ahead, the company anticipates further growth in consolidated revenue, with domestic revenue expected to outpace volume growth in the coming quarters.

Strategic Initiatives and Outlook

  • Diversification: Marico has been actively diversifying its portfolio, particularly in the food segment. The consistent growth in food sales, reaching approximately four times the scale observed in FY20, underscores the success of these efforts.
  • Digital-first Brands: Marico’s digital-first brands have maintained a robust growth trajectory, aligning with the company’s objective of leveraging digital platforms for brand visibility and consumer engagement.
  • Channel Expansion: Recognizing the importance of a robust distribution network, Marico is focused on expanding its reach across both urban and rural markets. The company’s investments in enhancing the profitability of general trade channel partners and expanding its direct reach footprint reflect its commitment to this strategic objective.
  • Food Sales: Maintained consistent growth, achieving approximately four times the scale observed in FY20.
  • Macro-indicators: Expectation of a gradual uptick in core category growth, supported by initiatives to enhance profitability in the general trade channel and expansion of direct reach footprint across urban and rural outlets.

Future Focus Areas

Marico remains committed to pursuing distinctive growth opportunities within urban-centric and premium segments through organized retail and e-commerce platforms. The company aims to expand its portfolio by focusing on food and digital-first brands while also prioritizing profitability metrics in line with its medium-term strategic objectives.

Stock Performance

Despite facing challenges in the broader market landscape, Marico’s stock has displayed resilience and potential for long-term growth. While the stock has witnessed a decline of over 5.22% over the last six months, it has gained over 6.28% in the past year, indicating investor confidence in the company’s ability to navigate through uncertainties and deliver sustainable value over time.



Marico’s recent performance reflects its resilience and strategic focus amid challenging market conditions. The company’s emphasis on innovation, portfolio diversification, and channel expansion positions it well for sustainable growth in the dynamic FMCG landscape. Investors may find Marico’s stock an attractive option, considering its strategic initiatives and positive outlook for the future.

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