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JNK India IPO Buzz! GMP, Review & Insider Insights. Apply Now

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Get ready to delve into the dynamic world of IPOs with JNK India IPO Limited’s highly-anticipated initial public offering! We’ve got the complete scoop on all the latest buzz surrounding this IPO, including the grey market premium, subscription status, expert reviews, and exclusive insider insights. But the crucial question remains: Is this your ticket to financial success? Let’s find out!

A Sneak Peek into JNK India IPO:

JNK India Limited has revealed its IPO extravaganza, slated to run until April 25, 2024. Priced between ₹395 to ₹415 per equity share, this IPO aims to raise an impressive ₹649.47 crore, with ₹300 crore from fresh shares and the rest via Offer for Sale (OFS).

Current Subscription Status:

Curious about the enthusiasm surrounding the JNK India IPO? By 10:54 AM on day one, the public issue was already generating interest, booked at 0.08 times, with the retail portion at 0.15 times and the NII segment at 0.04 times. Investors are eagerly queuing up to seize the opportunity!


Shares are trading at a premium of ₹15 in the grey market, sparking excitement among investors.

Price Point: With shares priced between ₹395 to ₹415, this IPO presents an enticing prospect for investors.

Mark Your Calendar:

The IPO is live until April 25, 2024 – mark your calendars and don’t miss out!

Size Matters:

With a target of ₹349.47 crore, JNK India’s IPO promises to make a significant impact.

Lot Size Insights:

Each lot has 36 company shares, providing ample investment opportunity.

Allotment Alert:

To secure your share of JNK India, keep an eye out for the likely allotment date of April 26, 2024.

Registrar Revealed:

Link Intime India Private Limited is the appointed registrar, ensuring a smooth IPO process.

Listing Looms:

Brace yourself for the BSE and NSE listing on April 30, 2024, signalling a new chapter for JNK India.

The burning question: 

Should you take the plunge? According to Arihant Capital, JNK India’s strong market position and growth potential make it an attractive long-term investment. Nirmal Bang shares this sentiment, recommending a subscription to the IPO. Similarly, Choice Broking, InCred Equities, Reliance Securities, and Swastika Investment have all been approved, adding to the excitement.

Anchor Investors Aboard: Exclusive Insights!

Before the IPO frenzy began, anchor investors were already showing keen interest. With Rs. 194.84 crores secured from big names like Goldman Sachs, Kotak MF, HDFC MF, and more, it’s evident that JNK India has captured the attention of both domestic and foreign institutions.

Company Overview:

Get acquainted with JNK India Limited. Learn about its rich history, core business areas, notable achievements, and position within the heating equipment industry.

Industry Analysis:

Delve into the dynamic heating equipment industry, analyzing market trends, growth drivers, competitive landscape, and the opportunities awaiting JNK India in both domestic and global markets.

Financial Performance:

Discover JNK India’s financial Performance over recent years, including revenue growth, profitability, margins, and key financial metrics that reflect its strength and stability.

Business Strategy:

Uncover JNK India’s strategic initiatives, expansion plans, product development strategies, and market penetration tactics that underpin its growth trajectory and market leadership.

Risk Factors:

Explore potential risks and challenges associated with investing in JNK India’s IPO, including industry-specific risks, regulatory hurdles, and macroeconomic factors that investors should carefully consider.

Management Team:

Meet the key members of JNK India’s management team and learn about their backgrounds, expertise, and pivotal roles in driving the company’s success and vision forward.

Use of Proceeds:

Understand how JNK India plans to utilize the funds raised from the IPO, whether it’s for funding expansion projects, debt repayment, research and development, or fulfilling working capital requirements.

Comparative Analysis:

Compare JNK India with its industry peers across various parameters such as financial Performance, market share, product offerings, and growth prospects to gain valuable insights for investment decisions.

Customer Base and Clientele:

Explore JNK India’s customer base, key clients, and relationships with significant industry players, shedding light on its reputation, credibility, and market positioning.

Corporate Governance and Sustainability:

Examine JNK India’s corporate governance practices, sustainability initiatives, and commitment to environmental and social responsibility, which reflect its dedication to ethical business practices.



With the JNK India IPO igniting the market, an exhilarating journey lies ahead. From the latest subscription status to expert opinions and insider insights, this IPO promises excitement and opportunity. So, are you ready to seize the moment? Don’t miss out – apply now and secure your stake in the future of JNK India Limited!

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