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May 2024 IPO surge Bonanza: Market Insights and Expectations

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May 2024 IPO surge Bonanza: Market Insights and Expectations 4
IPO surge wave in India, where the primary market is booming despite global tensions. Explore upcoming IPOs like Indegene, TBO Tek, and Aadhar Housing Finance, reflecting investor optimism and resilience. Discover how SME IPOs and listings enrich the market, signaling economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit.”


May 2024 is witnessing a remarkable IPO surge in the Indian equity markets, defying global geopolitical tensions and election-related uncertainties. Despite these challenges, the primary market is experiencing a flurry of IPO launches and listings, driven by increasing investor confidence and a more transparent political landscape. Let’s delve into the upcoming IPOs and what they signify for the market.

Breaking the Election Norms

Historically, the Indian primary market experiences a slowdown in activity leading up to general elections. However, 2024 has bucked this trend significantly. Data reveals that the fundraising in IPOs over the past six months leading to the election cycle has surpassed the combined amount raised in the previous four election cycles. This unprecedented IPO surge in IPO activity underscores the resilience and dynamism of India’s capital markets, demonstrating their ability to weather political uncertainties and global challenges.

Indegene IPO: Digitizing Life Sciences

Leading the pack in May is the much-anticipated IPO of Indegene, a digital-led commercialization services provider for the life sciences industry. Backed by private equity heavyweights Carlyle and Nadathur Fareast, Indegene’s IPO is set to hit the market on May 6, with a price band of Rs 430-452 per share. The IPO comprises a fresh issue of equity shares and an offer-for-sale by existing shareholders, aiming to raise Rs 1,842 crore.

TBO Tek: Disrupting Travel Distribution

Following closely is TBO Tek, an online travel distribution platform backed by General Atlantic. With its IPO opening on May 8, TBO Tek seeks to raise capital for expansion and platform enhancement. The IPO, comprising a mix of fresh issuance and offer-for-sale, reflects investor optimism in the travel-tech segment despite pandemic-induced disruptions.

Aadhar Housing Finance: Empowering Homebuyers

Aadhar Housing Finance, backed by Blackstone, is gearing up to launch its IPO in May, albeit at a reduced size of Rs 3,000 crore. The affordable housing financier’s IPO reflects the pent-up demand for housing solutions in India, despite economic uncertainties. With a focus on inclusivity and affordability, Aadhar Housing Finance aims to address the housing needs of underserved segments, contributing to the broader socio-economic development agenda.

Go Digit General Insurance: Digitizing Insurance

Another notable IPO entrant is Go Digit General Insurance, backed by Fairfax Group. With the regulator’s nod, Go Digit aims to raise Rs 1,250 crore through its maiden public issue, signalling growing investor interest in the insurance sector.

SME IPOs: Empowering Small Businesses

The major players, several SMEs are set to make their market debut in May, further enriching the market ecosystem. From Slone Infosystems to Winsol Engineers and Refractory Shapes, these companies represent the diverse entrepreneurial landscape of India. Their IPOs not only provide access to capital but also offer retail investors an opportunity to participate in the growth story of emerging businesses, fostering innovation and economic resilience.

Listing Bonanza

May also witnesses a flurry of listings, including Storage Technologies & Automation, Amkay Products, and Sai Swami Metals & Alloys, among others. These listings underscore the robustness of India’s SME segment and its contribution to economic growth and employment generation. Moreover, they provide investors with a diverse array of investment opportunities, catering to varying risk appetites and investment objectives.



As the IPO wave continues to sweep through May, IPO surge reaffirms the resilience and optimism of India’s capital markets. Despite external challenges, the appetite for IPOs remains strong, driven by favourable economic fundamentals and investor confidence. Whether digital disruptors like Indegene and TBO Tek or traditional players like Aadhar Housing Finance, each IPO brings unique opportunities and signifies India’s entrepreneurial spirit vibrancy. As investors navigate this one thing is clear – the Indian equity markets are poised for continued growth and innovation in the coming months.

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