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The ICICI Securities Delisting NOW Debate: NCLT’s July Deadline Approaches

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The ICICI Securities Delisting NOW Debate: NCLT's July Deadline Approaches 4

The ICICI Securities delisting saga has witnessed a series of twists and turns, culminating in the NCLT’s decision to defer the case until July amidst concerns from minority shareholders. Initially approved by ICICI Bank’s board in June 2023, the delisting proposal faced scrutiny over valuation disparities and fairness concerns raised by shareholders, notably Manu Rishi Gupta. Despite regulatory approvals, controversies surrounding vote manipulation and privacy breaches marred the delisting process, prompting NCLT’s intervention. With SEBI also investigating the allegations, market volatility ensued, reflecting investor apprehension as stakeholders await NCLT’s decision; speculation persists, underscoring the need for transparency and regulatory oversight in corporate restructuring endeavours.

The saga surrounding ICICI Securities’ delisting has taken yet another intriguing turn. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) decided to defer the case until July, citing concerns from minority shareholders. This postponement adds another layer of complexity to an already convoluted story marked by shareholder discontent, allegations of privacy breaches, and manipulation of the voting process. Let’s delve deeper into the unfolding narrative of ICICI Securities’ delisting journey and explore the implications of NCLT’s decision.

ICICI Securities Bold Move:

In June 2023, ICICI Bank’s board boldly approved the delisting of ICICI Securities. This move, aimed at consolidating the bank’s holdings, proposed a share-swap ratio that stirred debates about the accurate valuation of ICICI Securities.

Shareholder Discontent and Regulatory Approval:

As the proposal advanced, shareholder concerns regarding the valuation and fairness of the deal intensified. Manu Rishi Gupta, backed by numerous shareholders, raised objections, highlighting the disparity between the IPO valuation and the delisting offer.

Regulatory Hurdles and Market Response:

Despite mounting discontent, ICICI Bank’s delisting plan cleared regulatory hurdles, receiving approvals from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). However, the market response remained tepid, with investors expressing concerns about the swap ratio and advocating for ICICI Securities to stay listed.

Delisting Approval Amidst Controversy:

March 2024 saw the approval of ICICI Securities’ delisting, with a majority of votes in favour of merging with ICICI Bank. However, this decision was marred by controversy, as allegations of vote manipulation and privacy breaches surfaced, casting doubt on the integrity of the process.

Escalating Concerns and NCLT’s Intervention:

The escalation of concerns prompted a group of shareholders to approach the NCLT, alleging vote manipulation and privacy breaches. In response, NCLT deferred the case to July for further investigation, intensifying the delisting saga’s scrutiny and leaving stakeholders anxiously awaiting the tribunal’s decision.

SEBI’s Role and Market Impact:

Meanwhile, SEBI launched an investigation into the allegations, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding saga. Market reactions to these developments were evident, with ICICI Securities’ shares experiencing a decline in value amid the uncertainty.

Continued Speculation and Stakeholder Concerns:

 As the July deadline looms, speculation continues to swirl around ICICI Securities’ ultimate fate. Shareholders, regulators, and market observers remain deeply concerned about the potential implications of the delisting, particularly in light of the unresolved issues surrounding vote manipulation and privacy breaches.



The ICICI Securities delisting saga has evolved into a multifaceted drama, capturing the attention of investors and regulators alike. With NCLT’s decision deferred to July, the uncertainty surrounding the case persists, leaving stakeholders in anticipation and apprehension. As the saga unfolds, it is a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in corporate restructuring processes, underscoring the critical importance of transparency, fairness, and regulatory oversight.

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