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Delhi Schools in Chaos: “Kill Them” Bomb Threats Target Hundreds! (Emails Traced)

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Imagine the fear when nearly 100 Delhi schools in received an email threatening explosive devices and violence against students. This Wednesday morning, schools across the National Capital Region (NCR) were thrown into chaos as emails containing hateful messages and bomb threats flooded their inboxes.

Kill them wherever you meet and drive them out…

The chilling email, filled with hate speech, urged violence against an unspecified group and claimed the presence of bombs within the schools. This sent shivers down the spines of parents, teachers, and students alike.

Targeted Schools and Official Response

Several prominent schools in Delhi, including Mother Mary’s School, Sanskriti School, Delhi Public School, and Amity School, were among those targeted. Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena wasted no time in visiting one of the affected schools and assuring the public. He confirmed that the Delhi Police had identified the source of the emails and that a thorough investigation was underway.

The culprits will not be spared and will be given strict punishment,” declared LG Saxena, emphasizing that the safety of students and schools was a top priority…

Police on High Alert: No Room for Hoaxes

Special CP of the Delhi Police Crime Branch, Ravinder Yadav, confirmed that the emails were also sent to some hospitals. He emphasized that even if the threats were a hoax, they would be taken seriously. Bomb Disposal Squads, Dog Squads, and fire tenders were deployed to ensure a thorough sweep of the schools.

Schools Closed as Precautionary Measure

While the search operations continued, officials opted to err on caution. All schools receiving threatening emails were closed for the day, and students were sent home. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) urged the public to remain calm, stating that the emails appeared to be hoaxes. However, they confirmed that Delhi Police and security agencies were taking all necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety. (Keywords: MHA response, hoax calls)

The Investigation Continues

The search operations are still ongoing at the time of this writing. While no suspicious devices have been found so far, investigating the source of these emails remains a top priority. This incident is a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and the need for robustness. 


  • Wednesday morning saw multiple schools in Delhi-NCR grappling with bomb threat emails, sparking widespread alarm.
  • Swiftly mobilized bomb detection units, disposal teams, and personnel from the Delhi Fire Service conducted meticulous searches at the affected schools, only to discover that the threats were unfounded.
  • Well-known institutions like Mother Mary’s, Amity, DPS campuses, and Sanskriti were among the targeted schools, prompting an escalation in security protocols throughout the region.
  • Preliminary investigations point towards a coordinated scheme, evidenced by the recurrence of similar threatening emails sent to various locations since the previous day, intensifying concerns of potential harm.
  • Taking preemptive action, authorities closed schools, ensuring the immediate dispersal of students while simultaneously reassuring the public.


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