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Byju’s $533 Million Mystery: Hedge Fund Manager’s Arrest Averted in High-Stakes Bankruptcy Drama!

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In a dramatic turn of events, a federal judge has offered a crucial lifeline to a Florida hedge fund manager embroiled in the complex bankruptcy proceedings of a Byju’s unit. The decision could potentially help unravel the mystery behind $533 million that the Indian ed-tech giant is alleged to have concealed.

The Courtroom Twist

US Bankruptcy Judge John Dorsey, during a recent court hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, agreed to rescind an arrest order for William C Morton, the founder of the Camshaft Fund. This fund received a hefty $533 million from Byju’s last year, sourced from loan proceeds, as revealed in court documents. The funds subsequently made a circuitous journey from the UK lender to an unspecified non-US entity associated with Byju’s, creating a labyrinthine financial trail that lenders are now desperate to untangle.

The Missing Millions

At the core of this high-stakes drama is Byju’s Alpha Inc., a shell company affiliated with Byju’s parent firm, Think & Learn Pvt. The company, once brimming with funds, now stands bankrupt, its creditors clamoring for repayment of a staggering $1.2 billion. The lenders, who seized control of Byju’s Alpha Inc. after a loan default, are leveraging this bankruptcy case to claw back the elusive $533 million.

The Fugitive Fund Manager

Morton, who has been accused of fleeing the United States to evade questioning, appeared at the hearing via video link from Dubai. His silence during the proceedings only added to the intrigue. Judge Dorsey, determined to propel the case forward, issued a stern directive: Morton must return to the US and engage in discussions with the lenders’ lawyers within ten days. Failure to comply would see the arrest order reinstated.

“We need to move this case forward somehow,” Dorsey asserted, highlighting the urgency of resolving this financial enigma.

Cooperation on the Horizon?

In a potentially game-changing development, Morton’s attorney, Pieter Van Tol, assured the court that his client, despite being in his twenties and evidently under immense pressure, is ready to testify under oath and cooperate fully with the lenders. Van Tol cited Morton’s previous refusal to speak with the lenders in Miami as driven by a “fear of arrest.”

Following the hearing, Van Tol refrained from making further comments, leaving many questions hanging in the air.

The Bigger Picture

The missing money has thrust Byju’s into a fierce legal battle, reflecting the broader financial strains on the startup founded by entrepreneur Byju Raveendran. The company, officially known as Think & Learn Pvt, has faced mounting pressure from its creditors, making this bankruptcy case a crucial juncture in its ongoing saga.

Byju’s, once a darling of the global ed-tech sector, is now grappling with a financial quagmire that could set significant precedents for corporate accountability and transparency. The outcome of this case will not only impact Byju’s but could also send ripples across the financial and tech industries, underscoring the importance of robust financial governance.

What Lies Ahead?

As the deadline looms for Morton’s return to the US, all eyes are on whether the hedge fund manager will cooperate and reveal the whereabouts of the $533 million. His testimony could prove pivotal in unraveling the complex financial web and determining the next steps in the bankruptcy proceedings.

The lenders, armed with the court’s backing, are likely to pursue all avenues to recover the funds, making Morton’s role increasingly critical. Whether he will provide the answers they seek or if the mystery will deepen remains to be seen.



This unfolding drama highlights the intricate interplay between financial maneuvering and legal proceedings in high-stakes corporate bankruptcies. As Byju’s navigates this challenging period, the resolution of the $533 million mystery will be a decisive factor in its future trajectory.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story, bringing you the latest updates on the twists and turns of Byju’s financial saga. Will the hedge fund manager’s cooperation pave the way for recovery, or will new obstacles emerge in this complex case? Only time will tell.

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