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Nvidia’s Surge: Overtaking Apple as the World’s 2nd -Most Valuable Company

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Nvidia's Surge: Overtaking Apple as the World's 2nd -Most Valuable Company 7


In a captivating twist of market dynamics, Nvidia, This extraordinary feat is fueled by a remarkable rally most propelled by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), catapulting Nvidia’s market valuation from $1 trillion to an astounding $2 trillion in just nine months. Today, we unravel the intricacies of this surge, the factors driving it, and what it means for the landscape of tech giants.

Nvidia’s Meteoric Rise:

Nvidia’s journey from a $1 trillion valuation to an impressive $2.38 trillion is nothing short of a financial spectacle. This surge positions Nvidia ahead of formidable players like Amazon.com, Google-parent Alphabet, and Saudi Aramco. Notably, the semiconductor giant is currently trailing Apple by approximately $230 billion and Microsoft by roughly $645 billion.

At the core of Nvidia’s ascent is its dominance in the high-end AI chip market, commanding a staggering 80% share. This formidable presence has not only catapulted the company’s market value but has also contributed to Wall Street reaching record highs this year. With Nvidia holding over a 5% weightage on the benchmark S&P 500 index, the company’s impact on the broader market is undeniable.

Nvidia’s Position in the “Magnificent 7”:

Nvidia’s performance stands out in the elite group known as the “Magnificent 7,” where the company’s 95% surge this year outpaces even Meta Platforms’ impressive 46.6% increase. This underscores investors’ insatiable appetite for AI-related assets, positioning Nvidia as a frontrunner in the race for tech supremacy.

Richard Meckler, a partner at Cherry Lane Investments, highlights the strong fundamentals underpinning Nvidia’s current business model. He notes the widespread speculative interest from long option buyers, further fueling the stock’s upward trajectory throughout 2024.

Nvidia's Surge: Overtaking Apple as the World's 2nd -Most Valuable Company 8

Nvidia vs. Apple: A Shift in the Tech Landscape:

As Nvidia inches closer to Apple’s valuation, the dynamics of the tech landscape are undergoing a notable shift. Apple, despite challenges in iPhone sales, yielded its position as the most valuable U.S. company to Microsoft in January. Meanwhile, Nvidia has recently surpassed Tesla as Wall Street’s most traded stock by value, solidifying its influence in the market.Long option buyers, drawn to the speculative potential amid the stock’s upward trajectory in 2024, are contributing to Nvidia’s remarkable journey, according to CNBC.

Despite the spectacular performance, some analysts caution that Nvidia’s stock may be approaching its peak. The median target price over the next 12 months suggests a valuation of $850 per share, falling below the last closing price of $926. David Wagner, portfolio manager at Aptus Capital Advisors, emphasizes Nvidia’s relatively lower forward price-to-earnings ratio, deeming it “the cheapest of the ‘AI narrative’ stocks.”

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang’s Vision:

In a recent economic forum at Stanford University, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang sparked conversation by proposing the possibility of artificial general intelligence (AGI) emerging within five years. This bold statement aligns with Silicon Valley’s ongoing quest to develop computers with human-like cognitive abilities. Huang’s visionary outlook adds an intriguing layer to Nvidia’s narrative, hinting at the company’s pivotal role in shaping the future of AI.



As Nvidia’s market a value skyrockets, challenging Apple’s status as the second-most valuable company in the world, the tech industry braces for a paradigm shift. Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market, coupled with its stellar financial performance, positions the company as a force to be reckoned with. Whether Nvidia can sustain this momentum and redefine the hierarchy of tech giants remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the semiconductor titan’s ascent is reshaping the landscape of the digital era. the implications for the broader tech ecosystem are profound, and only time will reveal the ultimate winner in this thrilling competition for the best supremacy.

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