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Top Stock Picks: 5paisa’s Ruchit Jain Advocates Purchase of Britannia and Hindalco”

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Ruchit Jain
Top Stock Picks: 5paisa's Ruchit Jain Advocates Purchase of Britannia and Hindalco" 4

Ruchit Jain, Lead Research Analyst at 5paisa, as he navigates through today’s stock market trends and offers expert recommendations. Explore market dynamics, stock analyses, and potential investment opportunities, empowering you to make informed decisions in your trading journey.

The world of stock trading is a labyrinth of possibilities, with each day presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Today, we delve into the latest market trends and expert opinions, focusing on insights shared by Ruchit Jain, Lead Research Analyst at 5paisa. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the stock market and explore potential investment avenues.

Market Snapshot

The opening session on Tuesday greeted investors with subdued enthusiasm, as both the Sensex and Nifty 50 embarked on a relatively flat trajectory. Despite mixed global cues, sectors such as metal, realty, and PSU banks emerged as key drivers of the domestic market’s movement.

Commencing at 72,696.72, the Sensex saw a minor dip of 0.11%, while the Nifty 50 made a modest gain of 0.04% at 22,112.90, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing day in the stock market.

Dr. V K Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services, shed light on the ongoing trend of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) selling shares while Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) continue to purchase. This tug-of-war, characterized by FIIs offloading shares worth ₹29,474 crore in May, countered by DIIs’ purchases amounting to ₹22,973 crore, is expected to fuel heightened volatility, with the India VIX reflecting this uncertainty.

As the market braces for potential shifts, investors are advised to maintain a cautious stance, closely monitoring developments as clarity regarding election patterns is expected to emerge before June 4th.

Market Review and Outlook – Ruchit Jain’s Perspective

Reflecting on Monday’s session, Ruchit Jain noted the Nifty 50’s resilient performance, rebounding from intraday lows to conclude positively for the second consecutive day. Despite an initial dip, the index showcased a gradual recovery, ending above the 22,100 mark.

Jain highlighted the recent correction of nearly 1,000 points in the Nifty 50, leading to oversold conditions on lower time frames. However, the index found support around the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (DEMA) and formed a bullish hammer pattern on the daily chart, hinting at potential upward momentum if Monday’s high is surpassed. He emphasized the significance of the 100 DEMA level (around 21,827) as a key support, suggesting it as a pivotal reference for stop losses on long positions.

While volatility remains a persistent factor, Jain advised traders to tread cautiously, focusing on stock-specific opportunities and closely monitoring the Nifty 50’s performance.

Stocks in Focus Today – Ruchit Jain’s Recommendations

In line with his analysis, Ruchit Jain identified two stocks worthy of attention: Britannia Industries Ltd and Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd

Britannia experienced a corrective phase earlier this year, but recent price movements, accompanied by robust volumes, indicate a potential upward trajectory. With the RSI oscillator signaling positive momentum, Jain recommends a buying range of ₹5,130–5,100, targeting ₹5,500, with a stop loss below ₹4,950.

Hindalco Industries Ltd

Hindalco witnessed a breakout above previous swing high resistance, supported by healthy volumes. Despite corrections, the stock has maintained its position above the 40-day DEMA support, with the RSI hovering around support levels. Jain suggests exploring buying opportunities around ₹640, targeting ₹690, with a stop loss below ₹610.



In the dynamic realm of the stock market, insights from experts like Ruchit Jain offer valuable guidance to investors and traders navigating uncertainties. While market conditions remain volatile, strategic analysis and prudent decision-making can unlock potential opportunities, fostering favorable outcomes in the pursuit of wealth creation. As investors continue to monitor market movements and evaluate potential investment avenues, staying informed and adaptable will be key to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of stock trading.

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Disclaimer: The opinions and suggestions presented in this analysis represent the viewpoints of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not insightmediahub.com We highly recommend that investors seek guidance from certified experts before making any investment decisions, as market conditions are subject to rapid changes and individual circumstances may differ.

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