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JM Financial Predicts Major Changes in Nifty50 Index: Trent and BEL on the Rise!

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JM Financial index as Nifty50 predicts the inclusion of Trent Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL), and the exclusion of LTIMindTree Ltd and Divis Laboratories Ltd. Learn about the potential impacts and future prospects for Jio Financial Services and Zomato in the Indian stock market.


The Nifty50 index, a key benchmark for the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India, is poised for significant changes according to predictions by domestic brokerage firm JM Financial. The firm anticipates that two new stocks will be included in the Nifty50 index in the coming weeks, replacing two existing constituents. The NSE indices rebalancing announcement is scheduled for August, with the changes set to take effect from September 30, 2024.

Expected Inclusions: Trent Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL)

JM Financial forecasts that Trent Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) will be the new entrants in the Nifty50 index during the upcoming rebalancing exercise. This inclusion is expected to result in substantial inflows for both companies, with Trent projected to see an inflow of $412 million and BEL $392 million.

Trent Ltd: A Rising Star

Trent Ltd, a leading player in the retail sector, has demonstrated strong growth and market performance, making it a strong candidate for inclusion in the Nifty50 index. The anticipated inflow of $412 million underscores investor confidence in the company’s continued success.

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL): A Technological Powerhouse

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL), a prominent defense electronics company, is another expected addition to the Nifty50. With an anticipated inflow of $392 million, BEL’s inclusion reflects its significant market presence and strategic importance in the defense sector.

Expected Exclusions: LTIMindTree Ltd and Divis Laboratories Ltd

Conversely, LTIMindTree Ltd and Divis Laboratories Ltd (Divis Labs) are likely to be excluded from the Nifty50 index. According to JM Financial, these companies may see an outflow of $180 million and $224 million, respectively.

LTIMindTree Ltd: Transitioning Out

LTIMindTree Ltd, a notable IT services company, has been a part of the Nifty50 index but is now expected to transition out. The anticipated outflow of $180 million signifies a shift in investor focus.

Divis Laboratories Ltd: Pharmaceutical Sector Changes

Divis Laboratories Ltd, a major pharmaceutical company, is also expected to be excluded. With an anticipated outflow of $224 million, this change highlights the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical sector and market rebalancing.

Methodology for Rebalancing

The NSE index provider will use the average free-float market capitalization between February 1 and July 31 to determine the September rebalancing. This methodology ensures that the index accurately reflects the market’s top performers based on their free-float market cap.

The Role of Jio Financial Services Ltd and Zomato Ltd

JM Financial also noted that Jio Financial Services Ltd (Jio Fin) and Zomato Ltd have a higher average free-float than Trent and BEL. However, their current absence from the Futures & Options (F&O) segment prevents their inclusion in the Nifty50 index.

Potential Future Inclusions

If Jio Financial Services and Zomato are included in the F&O segment, they would likely join the Nifty50 index. In such a scenario, Jio Financial, Zomato, and Trent would be the new inclusions, while LTIMindTree, Divis Labs, and Eicher Motors would be excluded.

Decoding Zomato’s Potential Inclusion

Zomato Ltd, a major player in the food delivery industry, has shown impressive growth and market presence. Its potential inclusion in the Nifty50 index is significant, as it reflects the growing importance of the digital economy and consumer services in the Indian market.

Market Performance and Growth

Zomato’s strong market performance and increasing free-float market capitalization make it a strong candidate for the Nifty50 index. Its inclusion would signal a shift towards recognizing digital and tech-driven companies in India’s premier stock index.



The upcoming rebalancing of the Nifty50 index by NSE is expected to bring significant changes, with Trent Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) likely to be the new entrants. Meanwhile, LTIMindTree Ltd and Divis Laboratories Ltd are anticipated to be excluded. The potential inclusion of Jio Financial Services and Zomato Ltd in the future, contingent on their entry into the F&O segment, adds another layer of interest to the evolving landscape of the Nifty50 index.

These changes reflect the dynamic nature of the Indian stock market and the continuous evaluation of companies based on their market performance and capitalization. Investors and market watchers will keenly observe these developments, which could influence market strategies and investment decisions.

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